We Love Juice!

We Love Juice!

Aloha Sweet Remedies

Whether you need a pre-holiday detox, or you're just looking for something refreshing to beat the heat- we've got you covered!
Don't be fooled by these juice's good looks.  Aside from being colorful and delicious, fresh-pressed juice has a myriad of health benefits including powerful immunity and antioxidant boosts!

Aloha Sweet Remedies is offering a holiday juice pack special!
Some of their packages include a 5-pack for liver and kidney health, an 8-pack overall wellness bundle, a 5-pack immunity bundle and a 5-pack for digestion and inflammation.


Find Aloha Sweet Remedies:

Saturdays at Kaka'ako Farmers Market (Makai Side)

8AM - 12PM

Sundays at KailuaTown Farmers Market

8AM - 12PM



Join us as we welcome Jujuice to our Pearlridge Farmers Market location! 

Try their Liquid Gold, which reduces inflammation and nausea, lowers cholesterol, blood sugar, and improves digestion!

A couple of their other healthful flavors include Beet Blaster (beets, carrots, cucumber and apple) and Carrot Ginger (carrot, ginger and lemon).


Find Jujuice:
Saturdays at Pearlridge Farmers Market
8AM - 12PM

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