Salty Wahine Five Piece International 1st Place Award Winners Set

0.81 lb

Five Piece International 1st Place Award Winners


·      Hawaiian Rub – Our #1 seller – all-purpose rub.  Use on chicken or steak.  Sprinkle in stews, soups, and steamed vegetables.  Sprinkle on chopped potatoes and bake.

·      Hot Lava – Spicy and Smoky Garlic salt.  Great on steak, shrimp, salmon, burgers, veggies, and popcorn.

·      Fiery Dragonfruit Java Rub – Made with Kauai Coffee, Dragonfruit infused Hawaiian salt and chili peppers.  Great for all red meat:  steak, lamb, and game meat.

·      Island Volcano – Spicy all-purpose rub.  Use on chicken, steak, and fish.  Sprinkle in soup, stews, sauces, and steamed vegetables.  Sprinkle on potatoes with some olive oil and bake.

·      Island Curry Seasoning – Exotic curry flavors of the Islands.  Oleana, which is Hawaiian turmeric, is the main ingredient in our international award-winning Island Curry and provides medicinal benefits with a tropical twist.


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